"Whose Chance" - Season 5 is about to be aired

by Hồng Quân28 April 2023 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - Season 5 of "Whose Chance?" will be aired in prime time on VTV3 channel in the near future.

On April 27, the presentation ceremony of the international format "Whose Chance" and the broadcast plan of "Whose Chance" Season 5 was held in Hanoi. The event was attended by representatives from the production units, representatives from Vietnam Television Station, directors and contestants who participated in previous seasons of the program, and many press and media representatives.

Whose Chance is a job reality show jointly produced by Vietnam Television and ALO Media and aired on VTV3, Vietnam Television for the past 4 years. Real Interview - Real Negotiation - Real Job are 3 core values that the producer of the show always upholds and maintains throughout the journey of debut and conquering the audience.

Besides the practical factor of providing job opportunities to hundreds of candidates from all over the country, Whose Chance - Opportunity for everyone also provides useful knowledge to viewers and workers, helping them learn many soft skills, understand more about the job market by seeing candidates' performance in interviews overcoming difficult challenges from bosses.

Sharing, evaluation, advice from the heads of large corporations and companies provide knowledge on strategy, business management, human resources... for small and medium enterprises. At the same time, this information also helps employees understand their own value and empathize with employers. From there, they have the opportunity to change their mindset and choose the right path to achieve success in their careers.

At the event, Cao The Anh - representative of the Whose Chance format copyright holder - presented the vision and highlights of the Vietnamese format created in accordance with international standards and the ambition to bring a Vietnamese format to the world with the support of VTV in cooperation with the world's leading company.

Izzet Pinto, Global Agency Representative, shared the reason for choosing Whose Chance to present to the world: "Whose Chance is a reality show about real life, about real people. This format is easy to localize in different regions. We will do everything we can to promote this program. As a company with a long history in Europe and a large network of customers, we plan to present the Whose Chance format to all potential customers and at international trade fairs.

After 4 seasons of broadcasting in Vietnam, Whose Chance has brought many job opportunities to candidates. The program has made it to the top 3 of impressive entertainment programs at the VTV 2022 Awards. At this event, the representative of the program's production company also shared the plan to broadcast the program in Season 5 with innovative, more attractive and desirable features.


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