Berlin's Vietnamese food scene on the rise

by P.V25 March 2017 Last updated at 08:13 AM

VTV.vn - Germany's capital of Berlin has a Vietnamese population of about 20,000 people.

It certainly isn't difficult to find a Vietnamese restaurant or food stall at community venues offering snacks or take-aways.

District One restaurant is located in East Berlin. The name of this restaurant is inspired by Ho Chi Minh City's city centre. The whole restaurant has been decorated to resemble a street market the city. From decorations including a mailbox, loudspeaker, helmet, tangles of power lines to tableware including wooden chopsticks and plastic stool  they were all brought straight from Vietnam to Berlin.

For three years now, this restaurant has become a hot spot for local diners. During peak hours around dinner time, reservations are needed. Chopsticks are not much of a challenge to western diners who often eat Asian foods.

The owner comes from Ho Chi Minh City and the restaurant offer diners some pretty authentic Vietnamese dishes, including obvious choices such as pho noodle soup, noodles with tofu and shrimp paste or southern broken rice with pork ribs, and even grilled chicken feet.

The Vietnamese food scene in this city has changed tremendously compared to more than two decades ago when German people only really knew Chinese dishes.

Nguyen Van Phuoc moved to Berlin in 1977. He has 20-years of experience cooking Vietnamese dishes. Vietnamese fish sauce is the key element to the taste of all of his dishes. Many Western diners keep returning to Phuoc's restaurant for more authentic dishes.

In recent years in Berlin, Vietnamese meals have become hip, thanks to the subtle play on fresh herbs. Restaurants offering Vietnamese dishes opened up everywhere. And locals can enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine and immerse themselves in the Vietnamese culture right in the heart of Europe. Hoai Luong. Vietnam Television. Berlin, Germany.

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