6 Mysterious Doors is about to go on the air

by Hồng Quân26 October 2021 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - 6 Mysterious Doors program is about to air with special elements revealed for the first time and a new and humane expression, giving the audience moments of relaxation.

6 Mysterious Doors is an entertainment program that looks for ordinary people but possesses special and interesting abilities. The show is expected to air at 9:15 p.m. every Sunday on VTV3, starting October 31, 2021.

Talent can come from a natural gift, but it can also be achieved with passion and hard work. Each episode of the show will tell stories about the lives and careers of six talented characters from a realistic perspective.

Under the hosting of the presenter and the guest artists, the program helps the audience to get closer to the talented characters and, at the same time, to have interesting and entertaining moments.

The "leader" of this program is host Duc Bao, a familiar face in many programs including We Are Soldiers, Magic Hat, Bright Café, Miss Vietnam. With an elegant, mature but no less youthful and vibrant style, Duc Bao promises to take the audience to sublime and interesting emotional levels.

A special feature of the program is the presence of 12 members of the Voting Table. They are prestigious people in many fields including journalism, acting, painting, magic, TV presenting, singing, among others.

The Voting Table is responsible for evaluating from an expert perspective and voting for talented characters through their performance whose degree of difficulty grows after each round. At the same time, the members share their feelings when watching talented characters perform.

The player's task is to guess who of the mysterious talented character will receive the most votes from 12 members of the Voting Table. In addition, players will earn the right to answer the luck question in each round for a chance to score points.


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