3D flower painting exhibition kicks off in Hanoi

by Hung Nguyen06 May 2016 Last updated at 19:00 PM

Credit: Hoang Lan Anh
Credit: Hoang Lan Anh

VTV.vn - The Vietnam–South Korea Clay Flower Painting Exhibition was launched at the Korean Cultural Centre in Hanoi on Thursday. Clay flowers attached to oil paintings were the central attraction at the event.

There are 27 works displayed here using the combination of oil painting and clay flowers. It took the painter and her associates six months to complete these 3D art works.

Nguyen Huong Thuy, Painter said: Clay flowers are seen in many countries, especially in South Korea where there is an abundance of clay to make toys. Making a clay flower requires 12 to 15 stages. Then I put the flowers onto the paintings. There must be harmony in colour and context between the flowers and the painting.

This is the first time Hương Thủy has introduced her art works. Many people believe that this type of painting is of high cultural and economic value.

The artisan graduated from the Academy of Journalism and Communication. She worked as a journalist at the Bưu Điện Newspaper from 1998 to 2000 when she quit her job due to health issues and began trading clay flowers in 2005.

Inspired by her business, Thủy fell in love with clay flowers and decided to make them herself. She learned making clay flowers from artisans, but that was for just a few days. With her passion and skill, Thủy researched and learned to make clay flowers according to her own designs.

Park Nark Jong, Director, Korean Cultural Centre said: We hope that Hương Thuy can share her experience of making clay flowers with artisans from South Korea. Hopefully, together we can accomplish a joint art project.

"I think that clay flowers are a prominent artwork form among other crafted art pieces. There are many craft villages in Hanoi, and clay flowers should be widely recognised to promote the diversity of the city’s crafted artworks", said Hoang Xuan Thuy, Director, Hanoi Industrial Promotion & Development Consultancy Center Department of Industry and Trade added.

The Vietnam–South Korea clay flower paintings exhibition will be open until May 14th. They welcome more visitors to enjoy the beautiful artworks here.

All the clay flower paintings will be sold after the exhibition. The exhibition is on until May 14 on 49 Nguyễn Du Street

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