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Vietnam - Japan trade up 8.6% in two months

03/28/2020 19:28

VTV.vn - The General Department of Vietnam Customs has reported that the Vietnam - Japan trade reached US$6.2 billion in the first two months of this year, an 8.6-percent increase from a year earlier.

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Vietnam gains higher exports to Canada, Mexico partly due to CPTPP

03/28/2020 17:24

VTV.vn - Vietnam has taken full advantage of the CPTPP to gain strong growth in exports to Canada and Mexico, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT).

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Seven manufacturing goods post US$1 billion-plus exports in two months

03/08/2020 18:51

VTV.vn - Vietnam has seven manufacturing goods with export revenues reaching over US$1 billion each in the first two months of 2020, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT).

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Vietnam exports processed chicken to Russia

03/08/2020 18:13

VTV.vn - A chicken processing factory in Chuong My district, Hanoi, has become the first business in Vietnam to be licensed to export processed chicken products to Russia.

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Solutions implemented to boost exports of agricultural products

03/03/2020 15:42

VTV.vn - The import and export of Vietnamese agricultural products to China have faced numerous difficulties with the sharp declines in both volume and value of goods amid the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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US remains Vietnam’s largest export market in first two months

03/03/2020 12:59

VTV.vn - The US was the largest export market of Vietnam in the first two months of 2020 with export revenue of US$9.8 billion, an increase of 19.6% over the same period last year, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).

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Shrimp exports features positive signals

02/27/2020 15:36

VTV.vn - After a period of steady growth, in 2019, Vietnam's shrimp export value was only US$ 3.36 billion, down 5.4% compared to 2018. However, the prospects for shrimp exports in 2020 are quite bright.

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Vietnam’s labour exports eye the European market in 2020

02/02/2020 17:45

VTV.vn- In addition to focusing on maintaining traditional markets, the Department of Overseas Labour Administration under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) is promoting the development of some new labour markets in Europe.

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Vietnam - China import-export turnover reaches US$ 117 billion

01/18/2020 11:36

VTV.vn - The import-export turnover between Vietnam and China in 2019 continues to set a new milestone as it reaches nearly US$117 billion.

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Wood exports hit US$11.2 billion in 2019

01/03/2020 20:27

VTV.vn - Vietnam’s wood exports this year reached US$11.2 billion, equivalent to 107% of the year’s estimate, a 19.2% increase compared to last year.

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Quy Nhon Port welcomes nine-millionth tonne of cargo in 2019

12/28/2019 16:38

VTV.vn - Quy Nhon Port Joint Stock Company organised a ceremony at Quy Nhon Port, on December 27, to welcome nine-millionth tonne of cargo in 2019, which marks labor achievements of leaders and workers of Quy Nhon Port in 2019.

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Timber, wood product exports reach US$9.64 billion in 11 months

12/16/2019 17:52

VTV.vn - Timber and wood products generated about US$9.64 billion in export revenue between January and November, up 19.5 percent year on year, statistics show.

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Origin fraud threatens Vietnamese exports

11/19/2019 20:58

VTV.vn - In late October, Vietnamese customs announced that it had discovered 4.3 billion USD worth of Chinese aluminium that was ready to be exported to the US.

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Forestry exports expected to beat 11 billion USD in 2019

10/31/2019 10:39

VTV.vn - Robust signs since the outset of the year have made the timber and forestry sector confident of gaining 11 billion USD in export revenue in 2019, beating the target of 10.5 billion USD.

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Vietnam boosts export of agricultural products

10/26/2019 16:20

VTV.vn - Mangoes are the latest products of Vietnam permitted to be exported to the US, after star apples, longans, lychees, dragon fruits, and ramboutans.

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Strengthening control of origin of wood products

09/11/2019 20:29

VTV.vn - Vietnam's exported wood products are ranked second in the US market, behind China.

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Tra fish export continues downward trend

09/01/2019 09:12

VTV.vn - The export value of tra fish in July continued to drop for the fifth consecutive month, down 12.7 percent year-on-year, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).

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Obstacles for Tra fish to be resolved

08/14/2019 16:49

VTV.vn - Despite inching up, the price of tra fish in the Mekong Delta is still lower than the production cost.

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Vietnam's shrimp exports to EU to gain growth

07/25/2019 16:43

VTV.vn - It is projected that the EVFTA will contribute to helping Vietnam's shrimp exports to the EU.

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Vietnamese Tra fish exports faces challenges

07/20/2019 13:53

VTV.vn - The price of tra fish in the South Western region of Vietnam continually has fallen sharply.

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