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Book collection published to assert Vietnam’s sovereignty over its seas and islands

03/18/2020 17:51

VTV.vn - A collection of more than 20 book titles has been recently debuted by the Information and Communications Publishing House, providing convincing evidence of Vietnam’s sovereignty over its seas and islands.

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Hanoi book exhibition marks Party’s 90th anniversary

02/02/2020 22:54

VTV.vn - A book exhibition was opened at the National Library of Vietnam in Hanoi on February 2 to celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3).

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The attraction of interactive books

12/16/2019 08:37

VTV.vn - While parents are struggling to deal with their children’s addiction to TV and smartphones, interactive books are a useful way to pull their kid’s attention away from modern technology while encouraging their learning and imagination.

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Special library for book lovers in Hanoi

07/25/2019 18:21

VTV.vn - There is a special library in Hanoi which is well-known for its motto "3-noes library".

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Non-profit project creates free reading points for book lovers

11/22/2018 09:38

VTV.vn - The project is called "Reading points in Vietnam" and is expected to have 22,000 points across Vietnam by 2025.

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Autumn book fair to open

08/08/2018 09:28

VTV.vn - Hundreds of book companies, publishers, and education units will join Autumn Book Fair 2018, which is scheduled to take place at Thong Nhat Park between August 22 and 26.

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Workshop on president Ho Chi Minh's book

05/10/2017 11:26

VTV.vn - A workshop was held in Hanoi on Tuesday to talk about the book Đời Sống Mới (New life) written by President Ho Chi Minh 70 years ago.

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Green library fosters reading in youngsters

09/30/2016 18:02

VTV.vn - The boom of information technology has a significant impact on the youth, both positive and negative.

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Vietnamese American scientist Trinh Xuan Thuan inspires youngsters

07/07/2016 13:04

VTV.vn - The Fate of the Universe - the Big Bang and Thereafter is a book written by Vietnamese American scientist Professor Trinh Xuan Thuan.


Vietnam Comics Day held in Hanoi

09/07/2015 10:30

VTV.vn - The first-ever Vietnam Comics Day festival arrived in Hanoi on Sunday, September 6th, after making a splash with comic book lovers in Ho Chi Minh City one week earlier.

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