Series of most-watched international TV channels to be on VTVCab

March, 302018

These famous programs are on VTVcab and Viettel Television (Next TV) from 1/4/2018.

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Appealing thanks to their highly entertaining value and diversity from movies, entertainment, sports to children’s programs…, hundreds of national and international TV channels on Vietnamese pay television system have brought the world of fascinating entertainment information to the audiences.

Specially, from 1st April, the world of entertainment on VTV cab and Next TV is becoming more distinctive by being added many new international TV channels, including some that had never been shown in Vietnam before.

They are brand new channels with diverse contents, including:

Featured film channels: Box Movie 1, Hollywood Classics, FOX.

Entertainment channels: FashiON, KIX, Woman, Dr. Fit

Exploring and Science channels: Planet Earth, History

Children’s channels: Baby TV, Cartoon Kids, Happy Kids.

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Bringing the audiences interesting and lively stories on screens, these new foreign channels on VTVcab and NextTV contain popular TV shows, high-rating TV series, and many unique shows.

Movie lovers will be conquered with series of blockbuster, such as King Kong, The Fast and Furious, 50 Shades of Grey, Twilight Sage on Box Movie 1; popular series like The Walking Dead, S.W.A.T, NCIS, Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD, Modern Family… on FOX, many of which were broadcasted on the same days as the US. Particularly, the classic movie channel Hollywood Classics converges award-winning films, famous movies of the era and Hollywood’s abiding series films.

The first and best programs on collective entertainment channels serve various types of audiences with series of shows: America’s got talent, Britain’s got talent, The X Factor and top entertainment events like Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards…

With viewers who love sport, many popular venture sport and combat sport shows on KIX will bring them exceptional experience, together with enjoying world’s top sport league.

And for nature and science lovers, Planet Earth, History are fascinating experience that they cannot skip.

The presence of three new children’s channel Baby TV, Happy Kids and Cartoon Kids, world of entertainment and education loved by millions of children all over the world, will take Vietnamese children to the cosmos of cartoon, art, provoke their imagination, creativity and many more salutary activities…

The mass landing of international TV channels for the first time in Vietnam on VTVcab and Next TV will not only bring more choices to the viewers, but each show, each story, each character impression that are admire worldwide will also carry out the best entertaining time for the audiences as well.



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