Warning about fake VTV's "Táo Quân" program and fraudulent child actor recruitment

by Khánh Huyền25 October 2023 Last updated at 17:00 PM

VTV.vn - The information about the recruitment of child actors for the Táo Quân program on Vietnam Television is completely false.

Recently, a fake VTV's fanpage has appeared on Facebook, pretending to be associated with Vietnam Television's Táo quân (Kitchen Gods) program in order to recruit child actors. The fake fan page goes by the name "Tìm Kiếm Gương Mặt Nhí Tham Gia Táo Quân 2024" (Seeking Child Actors for Táo Quân 2024) and continuously posts recruitment announcements for children aged 5 to 16.

The contact information on this page includes an email address associated with VTV News (toasoan@vtv.vn). However, VTV News has confirmed that they are NOT organizing any casting or search for child actors. The information posted on this fan page is completely false.

This fanpage also offers several enticing benefits to those recruited, such as "By participating in the program, the child's cast will receive 15,000,000 VND + a commission based on the views and ratings of the program after it is aired', 'Become an official member of VTV - Vietnam Television', 'Get a regular job and TV shows organized by VTV', and 'Receive a full scholarship from renowned universities for acting'.

The announcement on the fan page that the program "Táo Quân Kids 2024" will be broadcast on Vietnamese television on New Year's Eve is false.

VTV News affirms that the information on this fan page is completely false. The Television and Film Center (VFC) is responsible for the production of the Táo Quân program and has no intention of recruiting child actors as indicated in this announcement.

Parents and social media users should be cautious and vigilant when encountering posts on this fanpage to avoid falling victim to potential scams or deception.

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