Lao National Television broadcasts Vietnamese news bulletins

by VTV News03 September 2015 Last updated at 21:14 PM

(photo: VNA)
(photo: VNA) - Starting Thursday, Vietnamese news will be broadcasted on Channel One of Lao National Television. Vietnamese and Vietnamese speakers now have a new channel to receive information. Let’s take a closer look at the station.

The 15-minute Vietnamese news bulletin will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 6 pm. News will focus on promoting Lao policies, and is aimed at Vietnamese viewers living in Laos and those who speak Vietnamese in the country.

Savankhone Razmontry, Laos Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, said: "The ASEAN community will be launched by the end of this year. So Lao National Television broadcasting news in Vietnamese will help promote Lao culture to a wide range of viewers. Besides the English and French bulletins, the Vietnamese program is the third foreign segment to be added to Lao National Television. The station has sent staff to Vietnam Television International (VTV4) for 2 weeks of training. VTV4 also came to Laos to help with their first newscast".

Tao Thanh Xuan, Head of Vietnam Television International (VTV4), Vietnam Television, said: "With 17 years of experience in television, we will help Lao National Television with their Vietnamese bulletins. We want to achieve a good quality program, as well as help Lao National TV build an international channel in the near future".

The news program will help Vietnamese speakers in Laos better understand Lao policies and culture. A Vietnamese language bulletin on Lao National Television is also proof of the friendly relations between the two countries.

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