Hà An Huy wins Vietnam Idol 2023

by Khánh Huyền22 October 2023 Last updated at 00:00 AM

VTV.vn - Hà An Huy defeated two contestants in the Top 3 and won the competition with 43.7% of the audience's votes.

On the night of October 21, the finals of Vietnam Idol 2023 were held in Ho Chi Minh City. The 5 contestants competing were Nguyễn Hà Minh, Hà An Huy, Lâm Phúc, Phạm Xuân Định (Stage name: Xuân Định K.Y), and Hồ Võ Thanh Thảo (Stage name: Muộii).

At the beginning of the finale, contestant Phạm Xuân Định (Xuân Định K.Y.) performed the song "Đi đi đi" (Let's Go). Nguyễn Hà Minh sang 'Dưới ánh đèn sân khấu' (Under the stage lights). Lâm Phúc chose a medley of 'Tình đầu - Phía sau một cô gái' (First Love - Behind a Girl). Hồ Võ Thanh Thảo (Muộii) presented her own composition: 'Em còn đẹp lắm, em ơi' (You're still beautiful, my love). Finally, Hà An Huy closed the Top 5 performances with the song 'Người lạ ơi' (Hey Stranger). The performances of the Top 5 were well received and showed the determination of the finalists to emerge victorious. Among them, two contestants who received fewer votes were eliminated: Xuân Định and Thanh Thảo.

In the second part, the Top 3 continued to compete to determine this year's Vietnam Idol champion. Lâm Phúc chose the song "Tâm sự cùng người lạ" (Confiding in a Stranger). Contestant Nguyễn Hà Minh performed "Giữa đại lộ Đông Tây" (In the middle of East-West Boulevard), which was praised by the judges. An Huy chose the song "Rơi" (Fall), a self-composed hit that caused a stir during the Golden Ticket round, with a new arrangement.

Mỹ Tâm commented that Hà An Huy chose a suitable song and showed a comfortable spirit. She advised the contestants to stay true to their feelings, compose and perform new songs. Musician Huy Tuấn praised the contestant's talent and resilience in every challenge. He believed that after the contest, Hà An Huy would find a place in the Vietnamese music industry.

With his performance of "Rơi" (Fall), Hà An Huy won the title of Vietnam Idol 2023 with 43.7% of the votes. The first runner-up positions went to contestants Lâm Phúc and Hà Minh. This result was not surprising, as Hà An Huy maintained a consistent performance throughout Vietnam Idol, frequently appearing among the top contestants chosen by the audience. When the host announced his name, Hà An Huy knelt down on stage and burst into tears. Together with the top 10 contestants, he performed the song "The Light," which My Tâm wrote especially for the winner.

Hà An Huy was born in Hanoi in 2002. He is the son of "Cheo" artist Minh Phương. The singer has attracted fans with his bright appearance and excellent singing voice. He previously won the championship of the "Bài hát hay nhất" (The Best Song) contest, Big Song Big Deal version, and was known for his solid musical foundation. From the early rounds, Hà An Huy was praised by the judges for meeting the new criteria of the contest, which aimed to find the "New Generation Music Idol". In addition to singing, he also has songwriting skills and plays musical instruments.

The Vietnam Idol 2023 finale also drew the attention of the audience thanks to performances by well-known artists such as Mỹ Tâm, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Tăng Duy Tân, Đông Nhi, and others.

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