Start-ups compete for Silicon Valley tickets

by VTV425 April 2016 Last updated at 15:50 PM

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Photo: Internet - Three Vietnamese start-ups have made the semi-final of the Global Innovation through Science and Technology contest organised by the US State Department after beating more than 900 international proposals.

The winners of this round will earn a ticket to the final in California’s Silicon Valley hosted by US President Barack Obama.

Out of 1,000 contestants, only 100 qualified for the semi-final, including the Monkey Junior, Fundy, and Medifree teams from Vietnam.

The best 30 teams will win tickets to the Silicon Valley final. They all share the same passion for innovation.

Hoang Yen Phuong, founder of Fundy- Crowd fund page said: “My goal is to create new ideas and work internationally. That’s why I like how the contest involves experts from the Silicon Valley”.

Dao Xuan Hoang, founder of Monkey Junior- English language app said: “My target in this contest is to have the chance to work with experts, introducing my ideas to American investors”.  

As for this 22 year-old Anh Thông, even making the semi-final has been a major inspiration.

Do Anh Thong, founder of Medifree- Second-hand medical devices sharing app said: “Thanks to the contest, many people now know my idea. More importantly, I can expand my relations in the Vietnamese start-up community. They have helped me a lot during the contest”.

As soon as she found out there were three Vietnamese start-ups made the semi-final, Yen Phuong contacted the others to share experiences and call for support for the Vietnamese teams.

Hoang Yen Phuong, founder of Fundy- Community fund page said : “They are my competitors, of course. But this isn’t a simple contest. It will mean Vietnamese names will be exposed globally, so I’m very happy to work with other teams”.

The 2016 Global Entrepreneur Summit will take place in the California’s Silicon Valley. This is also the first time Vietnamese teams have reached the semi-finals.

Results of the semi-final will be announced within a month. People can log on to to vote for start-up ideas, including the three Vietnamese teams.

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