Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week kicks off

by VTV425 April 2016 Last updated at 15:39 PM

Photo: Vietnam International Fashion Week 2016
Photo: Vietnam International Fashion Week 2016

VTV.vn - The Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week kicked off recently in Ho Chi Minh city, showcasing new collections from both famous Vietnamese and international designers. Audiences and critics were impressed by the creativity of the collections.

Lãnh Mỹ A, a unique type of silk in Vietnam, along with the traditional “bà ba” shirt from Vietnam’s Southern region, appeared in the show like never before. The designs are simplified and blended different types of materials like Lãnh Mỹ A silk, chiffon, and satin with skillful tailoring techniques. Lúa (rice) – the newest collection from designer Công Trí, showed that beauty and practicality can go hand in hand.

Jean Paul Cauvin, representative of Atelier Academy of Beauty said: “I think this is the best collection from Cong Tri that I've seen so far. Because it shows a connection between Vietnam's traditional materials and modern gadgets and accessories like cellphones and handbags. Fashion is about blending traditional and modern items”. 

Designer Cory Tran brought something different to the show. The material he uses is Hakata Ori from Japan, handmade and used primarily for Kimono making. With black being the main color, Tran used strong colors like red and yellow to put more emphasis on his designs and create strong visuals. His collection “Tokyo dream” showcased a mixture of Western and Eastern influences.

Stefano Bruno, fashion expert in Milan, Italy said: “The collection showed great ideas and creativity. The cuts are of very good quality. I wasn't expecting this”. 

Tran Nguyen Thien Huong, representative of Harpers Bazaar magazine said : “I feel very happy. We can see that Vietnamese designers have come a long way. With Cong Tri’s collection, the old Lanh My A silk has been renewed. Cory’s collection brought a new material from Japan, and it’s also handmade. Here we are seeing a new trend: material. Hopefully in the future, Vietnam’s fashion scene will be more material-oriented instead of design-oriented”.


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