ASEAN's modern architecture on display in Hanoi

by VTV408 May 2016 Last updated at 20:45 PM

VTV.vn - The Modern architecture movement had a strong influence on the Southeast Asian region from the early 20th century to the 1980s.

However, many buildings in this architectural style are slowly being forgotten, with some even in danger of disappearing. In order to raise public awareness about this once-famous architecture movement and the remaining modernist buildings in the region, a series of events called “Architecture Month” is being held in Hanoi, starting with a photo exhibition titled “Modern architecture in Vietnam and ASEAN”.

Introduced to Southeast Asia in the early 20th century, the modern architecture movement left a vast imprint. Notable examples include Vietnam’s Hanoi Station, Myanmar’s Yangon City Hall, and Cambodia’s Chaktomuk Conference Hall. However, information about other typical modernist buildings in Southeast Asia is not so readily available. That’s why Ngọc, a senior student at Hanoi University of Architecture, visited this exhibition.

Khuong Thi Ngoc, exhibition goer, student of Hanoi University of Architecture said that: “It’s difficult for students like me to find information about modernist buildings in ASEAN countries, so exhibitions like this provide architecture students as well as professional architects with a lot of useful stuff”.

This exhibition is the first event of the “Architecture Month” series this May. With a total of 110 photos, the exhibition aims to raise public awareness about the beauty of modern architecture buildings in the ASEAN and their need for proper preservation.

The need to preserve existing modernist buildings as part of the cultural heritage is another important message of Architecture Month.

Pham Thuy Loan, deputy director of Vietnam Institute of Architecture said: “By now, the modern architecture movement has long been out of style, so people nowadays may not fully recognise its true historical value. Some modernist buildings are being scheduled to be demolished for new construction, or to be changed for other use without careful consideration”.      

Alongside the exhibition, other Architecture Month activities such as seminars and film screenings will take place throughout May. The exhibition will last until May 28. Thai Tan, Vietnam Television, Hanoi.


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