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All People’s Security Safeguard Festival held in Hanoi

08/18/2022 15:48

VTV.vn - The All People’s Security Safeguard Festival was held in Hanoi's Quan Thanh ward on August 17, on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of August Revolution and National Day, the 77th traditional day of the People’s Public Security.


Exercise drill on handling marine security

08/02/2019 14:22

VTV.vn - The Vietnam Maritime Administration just organized an exercise drill with the scenario that the Chu Lai - Truong Hai port is attacked by foreign terrorists.

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Enhancing national financial security

06/17/2019 11:45

VTV.vn - Although its budget deficit is decreasing, Vietnam's public debt is still high / compared to the other countries in the region.

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Conference on information security

05/29/2019 09:51

VTV.vn - About 10,000 attacks targeted Vietnamese information systems last year, especially in financial institutions and banks.

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Data security needs enhancing in digital economy

12/07/2018 08:48

VTV.vn - With the rapid development of new technological trends such as Internet connections and artificial intelligence, enterprises have a huge demand for data collection and processing.

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Vietnam Information Security Day 2018

12/02/2018 14:21

VTV.vn - The Vietnam Information Association, in cooperation with the Authority of Information Security and the High Command 86 of the Ministry of Defence, organized the international conference on Vietnam Information Security Day.

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Top social security targets for 2018

02/25/2018 17:33

VTV.vn - This year, Vietnam’s social security policy focuses on improving human resources, increasing job opportunities, and fine-tuning labor institutions, all aimed at ensuring social welfare for all.

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Cities tighten new year security

12/31/2017 11:21

VTV.vn - Only two more days until 2018, people are eager to participate in the New Year celebration.

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Maritime security in East Sea discussed

09/27/2017 07:47

VTV.vn - A workshop on global maritime security in the East Sea was held by the Meiji Institute for Global Affairs and the Meiji Institute for International Political Studies and the Japan Forum on International Relations in Tokyo, Japan.

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Guaranteeing cyber safety and security

08/28/2017 08:30

VTV.vn - The 4th industrial revolution with the rapid advancement of the cyber network and digital technology has brought great changes.

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Cybersecurity drill boosts vigilance against cyber attacks

08/08/2017 07:36

VTV.vn - With the advent of 4G and the increase in cyber attacks, internet security and privacy protection have become issues of concern this past year in Vietnam.

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Heightening digital security

04/05/2017 14:38

VTV.vn - Over 134,000 cyber security incidents occurred in 2016, a fourfold on-year increase, according to Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team.

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Vietnam - Russia achievements in security cooperation

08/19/2015 15:01

VTV.vn - Since its establishment in 1945, the Vietnam People’s Police Force has proven itself a trustworthy and competent force, maintaining security in the country, and safeguarding peoples’ lives and property.

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Quang Ninh ensures electricity security

08/03/2015 10:24

VTV.vn - order to ensure power, Quang Ninh Electricity Company, together with other local authorities, is striving to efficiently solve electricity issues.

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