Vietnam - Russia achievements in security cooperation

by VTV419 August 2015 Last updated at 15:01 PM - Since its establishment in 1945, the Vietnam People’s Police Force has proven itself a trustworthy and competent force, maintaining security in the country, and safeguarding peoples’ lives and property.

According to the police force themselves, achievements so far are partly thanks to support from Russia, and its predecessor, the Soviet Union.

Cooperation in security control between Vietnam and Russia - or the then Soviet Union - started in 1954 following the Geneva Accords. Until now, thousands of Vietnamese state officials have been sent to the European country to take up intensive training in crime investigation, security, and intelligence.

Major General Le Van Cuong, Former Director of Institute of Strategy and Science, said: "Ministry of Public Service Officials who return from Russia hold important positions in police training institutions, investigation, and intelligence agencies".

It can be said that the Soviet Union, and now Russia’s support to Vietnam carries great significance in training our police force and has played a major role in our achievements over the past 70 years.

During Vietnam’s war of resistance, the Soviet Union supported Vietnam in building technical structures for public security. These include air surveillance system Phuong Dong 1 and Phuong Dong 2, ground communication stations, as well as other information and cipher systems.

The Vietnam – Russia security cooperation now covers many aspects, but primarily focuses on economic intelligence, hi-tech crimes prevention, and personnel training.

Experts seem confident that the Vietnam – Russia partnership in security control will develop into the future, serving the mutual interests of the two countries, regional peace and stability.

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