NA to comment on amended draft laws of international treaties

by VTV431 March 2016 Last updated at 07:14 AM

VTV.vn - Amended draft laws on the signing, accession and implementation of international agreements were presented in the 11th meeting session of the 13th National Assembly on Wednesday for consideration.

One of the main goals of the legislative agenda for the current session is to improve Vietnam’s legislative framework during this period of increased international integration.

Amended draft laws on Signing, Accession and Implementation of International Agreements aims at implementing the new provisions of the 2013 Constitution. These laws also supplement and adjust issues of responsibility as well as procedures and processes of the National Assembly, state president, the government and the prime minister in terms of international treaties. In addition, many NA deputies also agreed with the draft law to shorten procedures as part of the country’s modernisation process.

"If this law on international treaties is adopted then it update the legal basis on which the processing of international integration and implementation in carried out in regards to the upcoming treaties", Ha Huy Thong, Vice Chairman, NA’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said.

In the context of international integration, new mechanisms are required for domestic law and international treaties to be implemented at a faster pace.

Many NA deputies said that while the international treaties to which Vietnam will participate tend to cover a wide range of fields. This has led to negotiations and the conclusion of international agreements being reliant on consultation with a wide range of relevant bodies. Therefore, the law should have more specific responsibilities and obligations to reflect this.

The amended law is expected to be debated and voted on by NA Deputies in this session and take effect from 1st June. This also help to accelerate the ratification of international treaties, particularly the trans-Pacific Partnership.

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