Watch the sitcom Why You Should Worry

by Hồng Quân09 July 2022 Last updated at 07:00 AM - Why You Should Worry– a film for young people – airs every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on the VTV3 channel from July 9, 2022.

Why You Should Worry is a playful story that revolves around a group of friends Dat Duck, Tuan Hac, Chan Chan Kim and Thanh Dien. Dat is an architecture student but his greatest passion is rap.

Dat lives with her grandmother, a loving but also extremely strict person, who always wants Dat to take over the family business. When her grandmother had to go south for a long time to take care of the business, Dat came up with the idea of getting rich by renting a house.

Thanks to Ms. Mong, the family's lifelong maid, Dat has found the first customers who are Tuan, an economics student and tech savvy; Chan Chan Kim, a girl who loves living in the virtual world and Thanh Dien, a strong-willed student of electricity, who is whole-hearted towards his friends.

A group of young people with different backgrounds, circumstances and personalities coexist, and they create many confusing situations. In this way, they grow together, learning valuable life lessons.

Why You Should Worry brings together relatively young faces, the most notable of them is Cong Duong (Dat Vit), who made a strong impression with the role of Lam in the film 'Balanha Inn'. In addition, there are also Kieu My, Minh Tra, Duc Chau.

The film, under the ingenious narration of two directors Pham Gia Phuong and Tran Trong Khoi, will create a cheerful atmosphere full of youthful enthusiasm. The film also features veteran actors such as Meritorious actress Minh Vuong, artist Ho Lien.

Why You Should Worry will be broadcast at 18:30 every Saturday and Sunday on the VTV3 channel,


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