Vinh Phuc tourism investment improves local livelihoods

by P.V20 March 2016 Last updated at 19:20 PM - Vinh Phuc Province, located over 100 km from Hanoi, is well known for its scenery and tourism sites in Tay Thien and Tam Dao.

In recent times, the Province has been stepping up efforts to restructure its economy from agriculture to tourism. This not only improves the image of Vinh Phuc Province, but also helps improve local livelihoods.

Lan Anh used to live a meager life as a tailor, and she struggled to raise her two children. Now she has a better-paid job in FLC Vinh Thinh Resort, and her salary has doubled. After two months of apprenticeship, Lan Anh has mastered her room service tasks in 5-star hotels.

"My family was poor. I used to work as a tailor to raise the kids, but the salary was not consistent. The salary here is higher and more stable. I earned 4 million per month", said Lan Anh.

Born into a farming family, this young man is now a waiter in the restaurant. He often works until midnight, yet he never minds, since this job is expected to help him realise his dream to become a hotel manager.

"I like my job. I am guided carefully. Besides, my salary is 1.5 times higher than the previous job", said Vu Dinh Nho.

With 3 ecological areas including the delta region, midland, and mountainous region, Vinh Phuc Province possesses many beautiful landscapes such as Tây Thiên and Tam Đảo. However, its potential for tourism development hasn't been tapped, until now.

"70% of the population in Vinh Phuc lives on agriculture, which offers low income. In this term of office, we will develop tourism as the core sector to raise residents' livelihoods", said Le Duy Thanh, Vice-chairman of Vinh Phuc Province's People's Committee.

Recently, a wide range of tourism resorts like FLC Vinh Thinh have sprouted up in Vinh Phuc Province, creating many job opportunities for the locals. It is expected that the province will become a more attractive tourist destination in the northern region of Vietnam.

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