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South Korea’s Indo-Pacific strategy on India and Southeast Asia

05/25/2023 18:31

VTV.vn - Among its ambitions, South Korea now brands itself as a “Global Pivotal State that actively seeks out an agenda for cooperation and shapes discussions in the region and the wider world”.

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South Korea to suspend coal plants to fight pollution

11/30/2019 09:57

VTV.vn - South Korea will suspend up to a quarter of its coal-fired power plants in the next three months as it seeks to tackle fine dust.

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South Korea passes bills to fight air pollution

03/13/2019 08:24

VTV.vn - South Korea's parliament on Wednesday passed a set of bills to fight air pollution that has blanketed parts of the country in recent years, with one bill designating the problem a 'social disaster'.

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US $100 billion targeted for Vietnam - South Korea bilateral trade

12/07/2018 10:38

VTV.vn - On Thursday, National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan witnessed the signing ceremony between Industry and Trade Minister Tran Tuan Anh and the South Korean Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

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Vietnam's Cong Café opens first branch in South Korea

08/03/2018 17:36

VTV.vn - At the beginning of July, Cong Café uploaded photos of its signature drink, coconut coffee, in different locations in Seoul on Instagram to signal the establishment of its first store in the city.

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South Korea remains Vietnam's biggest investor

03/07/2018 08:48

VTV.vn - According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in the 2 first months of 2018, South Korea remained the largest foreign investor in Vietnam, with focus on the finance sector.

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South Korea reduces work to 52 hours a week

02/28/2018 18:26

VTV.vn - A South Korean parliamentary committee on Tuesday passed a bill that calls for reducing the country’s maximum statutory working hours to 52 hours a week from the current 68 hours.

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South Korea-Vietnam hi-tech business forum

12/07/2017 09:31

VTV.vn - The South Korean - Vietnam Forum focused on high-tech industries opened in Hanoi yesterday.

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South Korea: An attractive destination for Vietnamese tourists

08/28/2017 18:25

VTV.vn - Travelling overseas is getting more popular among Vietnamese people, with South Korea becoming one of the popular destinations for Vietnamese tourists.

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South Korea: Top FDI contributor in Vietnam

08/10/2017 13:17

VTV.vn - The total amount of investment capital registered in the first 7 months of the year reached 22 billion USD.

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South Koreans firms favour Vietnam

10/12/2016 11:18

VTV.vn - After 27 years of investing Vietnam, South Korea has surpassed Japan to become the largest foreign investors in Vietnam in terms of projects and total investment.

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Vietnam tourism - culture Festival in South Korea

09/28/2016 15:51

VTV.vn - The Vietnam Tourism and Culture Festival officially opened on Tuesday in the South Korean city of Gong-Ju, promoting of relations and cooperation in the field of culture and tourism between the two countries.

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Travel companies learn from South Korean shows

08/22/2016 10:24

VTV.vn - For the past few days, Hanoi art lovers have enjoyed artistic performances from South Korea. This was also a chance for tour operators in Vietnam to learn about how South Korea organises their performances.


Vietnamese Community Festival in Daejeon city

06/29/2016 11:08

VTV.vn - Under auspices of the Vietnam Embassy in the Republic of Korea, the 3rd Vietnamese Community Festival was held on June 25th and 26th to create the sphere for Vietnamese people in the Daejeon city to enjoy and experience the culture exchange.

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Support industry ups competitiveness

06/06/2016 14:57

VTV.vn - The South Korean-invested LG Display screen plant has started construction. The 1.5 billion USD site is a 100 times bigger than other normal FDI projects, and is expected to bring huge opportunities for the country’s support industry sector.

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South Korean companies step into renewable energy market

05/19/2016 08:59

VTV.vn - 52 companies from South Korea working in the field of green energy are currently present at the International Exhibition on Environment and Energy Technology - ENTECH Hanoi 2016 to showcase their newest products.

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1st Vietnam - South Korea Economic Forum kicks off

11/14/2015 18:30

VTV.vn - In the economic sector, the 1st ever Vietnam-South Korea Economic Forum kicked on Thursday in Hanoi.

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Businesses face FTA challenges

08/31/2015 16:47

VTV.vn - FTA with South Korea, Euroasia Economic Union, EU have opened up huge opportunities for Vietnamese goods to enter the world market, but also a range of challenges.

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Vietnam-South Korean cartoon festival opens

08/15/2015 15:39

VTV.vn - The second Vietnam-South Korea cartoon festival kicked off in Hanoi on Thursday to the delight of cartoon makers and lovers from the two countries.

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