Vienamese bread shop achieves success in Japan

by P.V17 February 2017 Last updated at 10:14 AM

VTV.vn - A newly opened shop has gotten its name in top newspapers in Japan, thanks to the unique and pleasant flavour of their bread, and more importantly, the efforts of their two Vietnamese owners.

The business' success is a great example of how Vietnamese startups can thrive even in foreign countries. Five months ago, Xin Chao, a bread shop owned by brothers Bui Thanh Duy and Bui Thanh Tam was opened in Takadanobaba in Tokyo, Japan. The shop was a result of contributions from the owners' family as well as the Vietnamese community in Japan. It went through a number of administrative formalities and tests before being certified by the Japan Food Hygiene Association.

“I could not find a place to build the shop after 6 months of looking for one. Japanese people were reluctant to give land or house for rent to foreigners. And it is hard to rent the first floor in crowded areas”, said Thanh Duy - owner of "Xin Chao" shop in Tokyo.

The bread shop of two Vietnamese brothers took inspiration from the success of the doner kebab in Japan. Each loaf of bread from "Xin chao" costs about 5 US dollars. The shop sells between 100 and 200 loaves per day, as well as drinks.

“I just moved here. There aren't many restaurants in this area. But then I found "Xin Chao". I came on December 20th and was invited to the shop. The breakfast I had there was good, so I kept coming back after that”, said Eisue.

The 4th biggest newspaper in Japan, Chuynichi, featured an article on "Xin Chao" and the efforts of its two Vietnamese owners. This is evidence of Japan's policy to create favourable conditions for startups in the country, including ones by foreigners.

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