Using emotion to improve leadership

by Thanh Tùng20 August 2015 Last updated at 16:00 PM

Dr. Menis Yousry, Founder, the Essence Foundation
Dr. Menis Yousry, Founder, the Essence Foundation

VTV.vn - In recent years, scientists have discovered a more important factor, emotional intelligence, or “EI.”

The intelligence quotient, or “IQ,” was once considered a deciding factor in the success of individuals and groups in the past. However, in recent years, scientists have discovered a more important factor, emotional intelligence, or “EI.” This aspect is directly involved in the effectiveness of leadership. So how can we improve leadership skills by using emotional intelligence? This question was addressed at the “Right brain leadership” seminar in Hanoi on Wednesday.

The speaker at the event was Dr. Menis Yousry, a researcher with over 20 years experience in the fields of sociology and psychology. He pointed out the difference between the left and right side of the brain—one side relates to logical thinking and the other, to emotion. The right brain, which controls emotion, is the key to connecting people. This is the theory behind the secret to effective leadership.

Dr. Menis Yousry, Founder, the Essence Foundation said: "Creativity happens with meetings of minds, not one person, it’s one group. A leader should be able to share and connect people to get the best out of them. Ideally, people with emotion connect to people emotionally. So I should work with my emotion which is located in my right brain so I can be much more effective leader"

According to Dr. Yousry, by using the right side of the brain, leaders can regulate their employees’ emotions, elevate their mood when they are sad, and create a close working environment. This is the key to motivating employees, not by pushing them. This was the lesson that more than 100 leaders and entrepreneurs attending the event picked up in their quest to become more successful.

Luu Minh Ngoc, General Director, Bac Son Investment-Development JSC said: "I realized that I used too much of my logical left brain. We do lots of thinking without using emotion, the connection that starts from the right side of the brain. We actually don’t have to talk much or push our employees. We can inspire them in their work with our emotions, connections, and presence."

Ly Thu Ha, General Director, Tam The Viet JSC said: In life and work, everything starts with emotion. It’s important for us to learn how to be more emotional and use our emotions to connect to other people.   

According to research published in Harvard Business Review, emotional intelligence is twice as important as IQ in leadership effectiveness. Events like this will help leaders, those who decide the success of a group, enhance their leadership skills.


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