Nationwide film festival celebrating August Revolution, National Day opens

by PV20 August 2015 Last updated at 15:53 PM

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 A two-week nationwide film festival celebrating the 70th anniversary of the August Revolution and Vietnam’s National Day opened at the National Cinema Centre in Hanoi on Wednesday. Although not as many films will be screened this year, those selected are highly-appreciated by critics. The film festival is expected to last until September 5.

“The Prophet” – one of two films to open the commemorative film screening –recreates a time of suffering and sacrifice, full of legendary achievements in Vietnam’s history, when President Ho Chi Minh led Vietnam’s people in the fight against colonialism in the Viet-Bac Military Zone. The film gives audiences a more comprehensive view of “Uncle Ho,” whose strategic vision and undying will to bring peace to the country led the nation to victory.

Meritorious Artist Vuong Duc, Director of “The Prophet” said: Not only Vietnamese, but people worldwide also acknowledge President Ho Chi Minh as an outstanding leader and a great man. We just researched more about how close Uncle Ho was to the people at that time. The research itself was already an interesting task.

People’s Artist Bui Bai Binh said: It is well established among the crew that our work serves as a tribute to our great leader, our national hero.

This year’s film festival acknowledged many high-quality films: “Fake Tombs” is the first domestic cinematographic work about fishermen and navy soldiers; “Kim Dong” retells the tale of the historic child hero in the form of animation for children; and the documentary “70 Years for Light and Belief” brings a comprehensive view of the country’s history over 70 years.

Cinemagoer Audience member said: As a young cinema goer, I would like to thank the film crews who make these meaningful films, which are not only historically accurate but also entertaining.

Besides the 4 main films, war movies from previous screenings, such as “The Legend Maker”, “Living with History” and “Hanoi – Winter, 1946” will also be shown nationwide./.


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