The series of program Conquering the 2020 Exam" is back on VTV7

by Hồng Quân13 March 2020 Last updated at 11:00 AM

VTV.vn - In order to meet the students' urgent study and consolidation needs, VTV7 channel has brought back the Conquering the 2020 Exam series to accompany students in this exam season in March.

Amid the complicated evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic, or acute pneumonia caused by a new strain of corona virus with many new cases detected in Vietnam, students are given school break, considered a "historically long holiday". In such situation, online teaching is considered an alternative of teachers and parents.

As the students are preparing for the National High School exam and the 10th grade exam, their anxiety and restlessness are understandable. In order to meet the students' urgent "study and consolidation" needs, VTV7, the National Education channel has brought back the Conquering Exam series to support the students.

This program is launched in the annual exam season to help students systematize their knowledge, guides them in knowledge consolidation and shares tips to achieve high scores at the 10th grade, and the National High School exams.

After 4 years of broadcast since 2016, the program has gained a strong foothold and created a great attraction to the audience. Not only offering practical lectures in the sprint time to the exam, but the teachers in the program are qualified, holding Master, PhD and Associate Professor degrees with many years of experience in teaching, exam preparation, and who are respected by their colleagues and students.

For students who are preparing for the 10th grade entrance exam at home, the program Conquering the 10th Grade Entrance Exam has started airing from 2/20/2020 with 3 subjects: Math, Literature and English. The program has the participation of three teachers who have been involved in remote teaching for many years, professor Ngan Van Ky (Mathematics), professor Vu Thanh Hoa (Literature) and professor Nguyen Thai Duong (English).

Despite being a new face for the audience of Conquering Exam, professor Thai Duong has long been a famous teacher of English with a professional, funny and helpful pedagogical style. His lectures have been consulted for elaborating exam questions in grade 10 in many localities.

Especially, in Math, professor Ngan Van Ky will point out and analyze common mistakes in the exam questions to help students achieve high scores. Students can also consolidate by doing the math tests posted on Fanpage VTV7.

With 8 lectures in Mathematics, Literature and 26 lectures in English, the program will be a "powerful tool" to help students do the tests anywhere and anytime. They can stay at home and watch the lectures on VTV7, and play them again on VTV7's YouTube channel where videos will be posted on the same day.

In particular, in 2020, VTV7 will broadcast the series of Examination Handbooks. The series will consist of 3 books in groups of subjects: 1. Math - Literature - English; 2. Physics - Chemistry - Biology; 3. History - Geography – Citizen Education.

Each infographic page in the book has a QR code integrated so that students can easily find the lectures by scanning the phone. Just by owning a series of books, knowledge consolidation and accessing VTV7's lecture database will be easier than ever.


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