The Musical Route 2022 opens with the meritorious artist Tan Minh

by Hồng Quân25 January 2022 Last updated at 00:00 AM

VTV.vn - In the opening music program in 2022, artist Tan Minh will sing songs composed by many well-known musicians such as Phu Quang, Thanh Tung.

The one who opens the Way of Music in this new year is the Meritorious Artist Tan Minh, Director of the Thang Long Music and Dance Theatre. A native of Nam Dinh but Minh spent too long attached to Hanoi since he was a student at a conservatory until he joined and became the head of an art unit in the capital.

Perhaps that's why the elegance, depth and sophistication of the land of Hanoi has permeated both his voice and his style.

It is a lyrical and ostentatious voice that completely conquers the public.

"The program will definitely go over the songs from my musical career. Here, I don't choose songs that mark milestones of my journey, but typical songs associated with me, as well as songs that brought me success in the past" Tan Minh said.

Currently, in addition to acting, he also holds the position of Director of the Thang Long Music and Dance Theatre, one of the most famous art units in the capital. Under his leadership, the theater has brought together a group of famous young artists, contributing to strengthening the position and reputation of the theater such as musician Duong Cam, singer Khanh Linh, Dong Hung, Bao Tram. It can be said that with the passion of an artist and the mind of a leader, he has successfully completed both tasks.

Witnessing the musical path of the meritorious artist Tan Minh, the audience will be immersed in a luxurious art space full of lyricism and narrative with songs associated with his name, remixed under the creativity of musician Hong Kien. Tan Minh added that he will perform the song "Hanoi On Return Day", a famous composition by musician Phu Quang (1949 - 2021), whom the singer idolized when he was over 10 years old. Regarding Phu Quang's music, Tan Minh performed many works by the late musician and left his own mark on the hearts of the audience, such as Simple Things, Sea: Nostalgia and You, Mother, Hanoi On Return Day.

Surely, this will be a musical gift at the beginning of the new year that the Meritorious Artist Tan Minh and the production team of the Artistic Program Department want to give to the television audience.


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