The charm of ZLife - News Bulletin for young people on digital platforms

by 22 May 2022 Last updated at 07:00 AM

VTV.vn - Being young, creative in expression with a variety of content, ZLife is trying to approach the young audience the way they want.

With the desire to create a program for the audience of Generation Z, young people born between 1995 and 2010, the VTV Digital Content Development and Production Center has launched the Zlife news bulletin on the digital platforms of Vietnam Television.

Being young, creatively expressive with lots of content that satisfy the thirst for information of Gen Z, ZLife's production team is trying to approach the young audience the way they want.

Introducing fun and creative topics, addressing a series of keywords that are of interest to young people such as: Start a career in tiktok, breaking the routine, among others, ZLife demonstrates that the top priority of production is to meet the information needs of the genZ audiences.

In over 10 minutes of live streaming on VTVgo, Fanpage VTV24 and YouTube VTV24, ZLife revolves around a main theme with 2 presenters. In addition to three well-known hosts, Viet Hoang, Quynh Nga and Son Lam, ZLife also has the presence of several Gen Z interns. The combination of experienced editors with versatile young people who have been through many rounds of recruitment and training creates attraction for ZLife.

In addition to producing the daily news bulletin, the ZLife team also created a community on the Facebook social network called "Vê Oi, Zì đó?" (Hey Vê, what's up?).

This community was born to fulfill the mission of helping VTV Digital content creators capture the need for news, information and knowledge of Generation Z, thus developing news bulletins and programs appropriate to the taste of this audience.

ZLife is broadcast on digital platforms such as VTVGo, Facebook VTV24 News Center, YouTube VTV24 at 21:00 every weekday.


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