Spring Tour 2021: Exploring Interesting Stories About Bicycles

by Hồng Quân11 February 2021 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - Through the image of the bicycle, the program "Spring Tour 2021 - Bicycle!" will lead the audience to beautiful memories.

Spring tourism is an annual program of the Faculty of Sciences for the public VTV2 every tet festival to spring, bringing unique historical and cultural stories, beautiful nostalgia ... with an elaborate and creative way of expressing.

For the Vietnamese, the old bicycle reminisced a difficult time. Now that life is more affluent, we hold the the sweetest and dearest memories of those difficult days.

The first part of Spring Tour 2021 will bring interesting information about bicycles in Vietnam which dated to the beginning of the XIX century with the invasion of the French. The production team had interesting conversations with historical and cultural researchers, especially those in the ancient capital of Hue accompanied by elaborate video clips.

In the second part, Spring Tour 2021 program tells the stories of bicycles in Vietnamese life. During the period of subsidized economy, Hanoians' personal transportation means was primarily bicycle. Even the poorest family would try to get at least one. The image of a simple bicycle rolling slowly through the streets of Hanoi has entered the paintings and photographs of many artists.

The third part of the show is called Aspiration and Wisdom. Vietnam is not where bicycle was invented, here a bicycle culture was formed in a unique way that is different from any other country. There, bicycles epitomize the wisdom and aspirations of an entire nation.

Beautiful and heroic bicycle memories along with the elaborate report with shots of re-enacted scenes in Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An will bring the public a unique and attractive Spring Tour program during Lunar New Year 2021.


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