Solutions offered to limit labour shortages and restore production

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VGCL) sent a document to its chapters in provinces and cities, trade unions of corporations on the implementation of several solutions to limit labour shortages and restore production and business, on October 7.

The VGCL said that, with great determination and great efforts of the entire Party, people and army, the COVID-19 epidemic has been gradually controlled. Localities are also urgently planning a roadmap to restore production and business in the "new normal", "adaptive, safe and flexible" conditions.

However, due to the heavy influence of the epidemic, in recent time, a significant number of workers have left Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong Province, Dong Nai Province and industrial zones in the southern key economic region to spontaneously return to their hometowns.

This situation can cause many consequences related to safety when traveling, safety in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, increasing the risk of labour shortages in service of restoring production and business in the area, and the unemployment of many workers in the places they return to.

Faced with the above situation, the VGCL sent a document to its chapters in provinces and cities, trade unions of corporations on implementing a number of number of urgent tasks as follows: Promoting communication, advocacy and persuasion in various forms and methods to each employee; raising awareness about the responsibility and attachment of employees to enterprises and the country in the context of common difficulties; and directing grassroots trade unions to discuss and negotiate with employers in promulgating regimes and policies to limit labour shortage.

It is necessary to focus on supporting, advising and guiding employees and employers in completing procedures and papers to receive support packages from the Government; continue to implement support packages of the VGCL and localities' support programmes; and proactively request local authorities to create favourable conditions in certifying and carrying out procedures for employees wishing to return to work for enterprises, while ensuring the Government's regulations on epidemic prevention and control.


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