Severe erosion threatens coastal regions

by Hien Anh29 March 2016 Last updated at 12:27 PM

VTV.vn - While many localities throughout the country are fighting drought, residents in the coastal regions are witnessing the most severe erosion.

Cửa Đại Beach, which is a major tourism attraction, is being wiped out at an alarming rate. Within only two years, serious landslides have seen the sea encroach by more than 50 metres.

"We’ve tried various ways to prevent the erosion but they did not work. Before the erosion, there were a large number of tourists coming. But now, we no longer receive many tourists, our business is being severely affected." - HUYNH VAN HAI, Cua Dai Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Prov.

In 2015, Quảng Nam Provincial authority invested nearly 1.8 million USD in building 800-metre long embankments from sandbags. However, after 1 year, these sandbags can no longer resist the destructive power of the waves.

While at Đá Bạc Beach in Ca Mau Province, sea has encroached over a kilometre inland. Living here for over 20 years, Tuấn has witnessed tremendous changes.

"When the heavy rains came, the water level rapidly increased and swept all the residents’ houses and property away." - TRAN VAN TUAN, Da Bac Beach, Ca Mau Prov.

The local authority has set a line of stakes to reduce the erosion. The line is 30 metres long and buried deep into the sea.

"This is just a temporary solution. It can’t withstand huge waves." - TRAN VAN DONG, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ca Mau Prov.

This is Hòn Island – one of Ca Mau’s most famous destinations. 30 years ago, the mangrove forest was linked with the island. However, due to erosion, the mangrove forest has been wiped away. Some of the main reasons come from human’s activities including destroying mangrove forest destruction, and sand extraction. Therefore, joint efforts from local residents and the authorities is needed to prevent soil erosion.


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