Secretary-General of ASEAN: Vietnam is a very active member of ASEAN

by VTV408 August 2022 Last updated at 16:00 PM - On the occasion of ASEAN's 55th founding anniversary and the 27th anniversary of Vietnam's ASEAN membership, VTVNews connects with the Secretary-General of ASEAN, Lim Jock Hoi.

Greetings from Hanoi, Sir. How do you see Vietnam's contributions to ASEAN in the past 27 years?

Secretary-General of ASEAN: Yes, thank you for having me. I know Vietnam, is a very active member of ASEAN, and since joining has contributed to the region's integration journey, and community building process, during the Vietnam championships in 1998 2010, as well as two years ago, 2020 Vietnam's displayed, enable and decisive leadership and in steering the region's towards the undertaking important priority.

In particular, Vietnam, led ASEAN collective efforts, especially during COVID-19 pandemic, as the chair of 2020. Vietnam has done a lot of good things for women's especially in the policy making process, and also women in security. And, and also, Vietnam has continued to be a strong advocate for sub regional development that will have building block effect on regional integration as a whole.

So, could you please evaluate more clearly about the role and efforts of Vietnam in promoting ASEAN unity and post COVID-19 economic?

Secretary-General of ASEAN: The onset of the pandemic Vietnam has demonstrated very strong leadership in spearheading a collective region others response to COVID-19 and Vietnam's chairmanship team building a cohesive responsive ASEAN is very much very much relevant given the situation of the region face at that time.

During Vietnam chairmanship, also several initiative was introduced an initiative. These include the COVID-19 Response Fund, the regional Reserve medical supplies for public health agencies.

And finally, the ASEAN Regional Centre of public health, emergency and emerging diseases in which ASEAN agreed to set up three centres of course, mainly in Thailand, in Vietnam, as well as in Indonesia.

And more important is the reopening of the ASEAN economy. We have set up ASEAN trouble corridor arrangement framework, which is a basic framework that will help to open each other economy for tourism and trade. And this initiative to design and to address both immediate effects of pandemic as well as enable ASEAN to emerge better, stronger and resilient in the long term.


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