Scientists discuss challenges in nuclear science in Vietnam

by VTV406 August 2015 Last updated at 10:08 AM

VTV.vn -The 11th National Conference on Nuclear Science took place on Wednesday in Danang City.Scientists at the event discussed the importance of nuclear technology to the country’s development.

Participants at the event pointed out contribution made by research in the areas of radiation technology and nuclear technology to Vietnam's development. For example in the field of agriculture, nuclear technology has created high-yield rice varieties, which has helped Vietnam to become a top rice exporter. It also reduces Vietnam's dependence on hybrid-rice from other nations. However, there are still challenges.

Prof. Tran Duy Quy, Research Institute of Asia - Pacific Science and Technology Co-operation said: The biggest challenge is poor facilities, compared to developed countries. We have some good equipment in Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City. However, they are designed for several sectors and are mostly focused on the medical sector. There hasn't been any specific radiation equipment for agriculture in Vietnam.

Human resources are another challenge. Participants at the event stressed the importance of attracting high-skilled workers in nuclear technology. At present there are just some 300 students who were sent to attend courses on nuclear science in Russia.

"Employees in the sector need to have higher skills. This will need a lot of investment in the coming time if this obstacle is to be overcome. This is a difficult field yet the pay is not high so young people are usually not interested", Dr. Nguyen Quang Hao, Vice President, Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute

The International Atomic Energy Agency has given awards to individuals and groups of Vietnamese scientists that developed plant varieties by using radiation in 2014. A co-operation agreement on the peaceful use of nuclear energy between Vietnam and the US was recently signed. This could open up chances for international co-operation in the future. These are the foundations for Vietnam's nuclear sector to overcome challenges and further develop in the future.

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