Ninh Thuan renewable energy potential

by VTV403 February 2017 Last updated at 09:24 AM

(Photo illustrated: VIR)
(Photo illustrated: VIR) - Ninh Thuan is driving to become the clean energy hub of Vietnam through wind power and the country's largest concentration of solar power.

With little rain, lots of sun and almost no storms, Ninh Thuan is considered an ideal province for the development of renewable energy such as wind and solar power. Late last August, the first wind power project in Ninh Thuan Province began construction.

"Our wind speed is 7.5 metres a second and blows stably during 10 months of the year. This is a huge advantage in the development of wind power. Secondly is solar energy, Ninh Thuan is one of the most promising localities for solar energy, with 2,700 hours of sunshine a year, compared to the national average of 1,700 hours", Pham Van Hau - Vice Chairman of Ninh Thuan People's Committee - said.

In a context where hydropower and thermal power has been exploited to their full potential, the development of renewable energy sources is now the focus of development. With a goal to become clean energy centre of the country, and providing 5 to 8% of national electricity needs by 2020, Ninh Thuan has many policies to attract investment into power generation.

There are many investors invest in this area and the province has also issued investment guidelines for 9 official projects and 7 other projects have been issued guidelines for businesses survey.

One of the advantages of renewable energy is it is infinite and environmentally-friendly. Many experts said that with the enormous potential of sun, wind and with the recent halt of nuclear power project, would be a good opportunity for Ninh Thuan to promote investment development projects of renewable energy power, and became the country's clean energy hub, while promoting local economic development.


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