New TV series "Returning in Love" brings together people's and meritorious artists

by Hồng Quân13 December 2020 Last updated at 06:00 AM - People's Artist Hoang Dung , People's Artist Minh Hang, Hoa Thuy , Meritorious Artist Minh Vuong, Meritorious Artist Minh Phuong are the cast of Returning in Love.

Family theme is always full of inspiration. However, still it is a challenge for every movie director when embarking on creating a movie on this theme. Returning in Love of director Trinh Le Phong is expected to be such film with many impulses between parent and children. Inviting to reflections, the film revolves around The Family of Mr. Phuong (People's Artist Hoang Dung) and two children, a boy and a girl. Thu (Meritorious Artist Hoa Thuy) - Mr. Phuong's eldest daughter is a gentle woman. She leads an unhappy marriage as her husband is selfish, lousy and pragmatic. Meanwhile, Toan (Anh Tuan), the second son of Mr. Phuong is a weak man whose marriage was about to break up.

After retiring, living closer to his children, having more time, Mr. Phuong realized that the marriages and careers of his sons and daughter have many problems. However, Mr. Phuong is so protective that he sometimes imposed on them.

Throughout the episodes, audiences not only see the journey of finding happiness, standing up after stumbling of Mr. Phuong's son and daughter, but also his process of learning to be a father and learning to let go.

Furthermore, with the excellent and authentic starring of the cast including big names such as Minh Hang, Hoa Thuy, Minh Vuong, Minh Phuong, who, with their talents, clearly portray the lives and feelings of the older generation. The film also marks the return of two young actors, Viet Hoa and Anh Tuan.

The TV movie will officially air at 9:00 p.m. on VTV1 Monday through Friday, starting December 17.​


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