National Assembly looks at improvements

by Hien Anh29 March 2016 Last updated at 13:19 PM

VTV.vn - Yesterday marked the 2nd week of the 13th National Assembly’s (NA) 11th session. Deputies spent the day discussing the tasks for the next term for the NA, its agencies as well as for the State Audit Office.

Despite the achievements the 13th NA has made, there are still problems as well as room for improvement. The deputies spent today’s working session focusing on shortcomings that still exist and how they can be fixed, especially in terms of legislation.

"We have so many laws, but why are there still so many shortcomings? This means we are adopting policies that aren’t practical and suitable for our actual conditions." - Nguyen Ba Thuyen, Deputy, Lam Dong.

"Many laws aren’t specific enough, and we have to wait for additional documents to actually explain how the laws are supposed to be implemented. This creates a gap that makes it easy to exploit these rules." - Truong Thi Hue, Deputy, Thai Nguyen.

In order to ensure better National Assembly work and a more interactive relationship with the public, Q&A sessions and scrutiny are very important. They have proved their effectiveness and were well received by the public. At the meeting, the 13th NA deputies shared with their advice on how things can be improved for future elected representatives.

"If we want to hear the people’s complaints we need to speak to them directly, instead of listening to reports from the authorities. We need to be more specific like that. I have requested that we look into many issues in details, but it wasn’t done. This will need to be fixed in the next term." - Tran Du Lich, Deputy, HCM City.

Over the past 5 years with 11 meetings, the 13th National Assembly has contributed greatly to Vietnam’s development. Their assessment and advice will be valuable input for those lucky enough to be elected to the 14thNational Assembly following the approaching general election.

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