Job search program "Whose Chance" makes comeback

by Hồng Quân27 August 2022 Last updated at 11:00 AM

VTV.vn - The reality TV show about employment, season 4, with the message "Strengthen yourself - Elevate your career", has made a comeback.

Whose Chance was first broadcast in September 2019 on VTV3 channel. So far, the show, which has gone through 3 seasons with 43 episodes, has received thousands of applications across the country, generated job opportunities and laid the groundwork for an open career for hundreds of applicants.

In addition to succeeding in connecting job seekers with employers, the program is also seen as a public and transparent job board by publishing salaries and benefits.

New features of season 4

In keeping with the spirit of creativity and constant improvement, the program producers decided to adjust a number of aspects in the format of season 4, in order to bring more attractive and interesting experiences to the program, providing more job opportunities, making it more practical and valuable for the candidates.

The first novelty is that each program will have only five bosses for hiring instead of 6 as in the last 3 seasons.

In Round 1 - Face to face, the part of the debate of the two candidates was revamped aiming at improving quality with more business-related questions, associated with issues of social concern, creating an open debate, helping the bosses and the audience clearly see the critical thinking of each candidate. The bosses are also deeply involved in this debate.

The presenter will not participate in the voting as in season 3. Voting rights are granted only to the five bosses of each episode. Each boss has one voting point. The candidate securing three or more points will be eligible to move on to Round 2.

In Round 2 - Conquest, the organizers will devote more time to the candidate's talent contest. With the support of the choreographers, candidates have the opportunity to showcase their talent and personality.

The staging of the show is more monumental and attractive than in previous seasons, making it more entertaining but still ensuring the reality and quality of the show.

In Round 3 with the name of Opportunity for Whom, the Right of Bargaining is granted to the candidate. For the first time, this right appeared in Season 4 of Who's Opportunity to help highlight the negotiation process, emphasize the factual element, better expand opportunities for candidates, and also create opportunities for bosses to attract talents.

After the candidate's expected salary is announced and the host publishes the salary offer and the vacancies, two scenarios will occur. First, the candidate has no offer higher than the expected salary. According to the rules of the game in the past 3 seasons, the candidate will fail and will have to leave. But in this year's season 4, candidates can use the bargaining power to choose a single boss to negotiate with and convince the boss to make an offer equal to or higher than the expected salary.

The addition of "Bargaining Power" in Season 4 is intended to ensure as close to reality as possible the process of negotiating benefits between companies and employees, and at the same time help make the "closing of the deal" between bosses and employees more unexpected, more engaging and more dramatic. Candidates have one last chance to demonstrate their ability, their personality and convince the boss to give them a job opportunity or more benefits in line with the candidate's ability.

Whose Chance?" Season 4 airs at 12 noon every Saturday on VTV3, starting September 3, 2022.


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