"Images of Life" left its mark after almost one year of broadcast

by Hồng Quân26 August 2022 Last updated at 12:00 PM

VTV.vn - In more than 1 minute, "Images of Life" after almost a year of broadcast has left its own mark on the VTV1 audience.

Coffee shops that recycle coffee, smartphones for the blind, elderly lovers of ancient plays, literacy classes on Truong Son Mountain, treasures in the village or a wandering volunteer teacher who sells lottery tickets to raise money for the poor... are the themes of Images of Life.

With its own approach to content and expression, focusing on creating visual and audio effects to convey content; diverse characters from all over the country; hundreds of stories of daily life from around the world, "Images of Life" after almost one year of broadcast, has left its mark on the audience of VTV1.

"In addition to expert opinions, we also received positive feedback from the audience, shown through views and shared clips of "Images of Life" on the VTV fan page. This clearly shows that stories of good people and good deeds have meaning, and positive messages are disseminated in society. If we find a unique and novel way of storytelling and use vivid images and sounds, the story will have its own appeal to the audience, especially the young people," Kim Hai, head of the production team of "Images of Life" shared.

Short in duration, paying special attention to the combination of sounds and selected images, thus conveying a humane message: this criterion of "Images of Life" requires that each production team must always take care of the selection of the theme, pre-production and post-production.

With the participation of passionate creative staff from news production units such as the News Department, the VTV International Department, the Digital Content Development and Production Center, the Vietnam Television Center in the Central Highlands region and the Vietnam Television Center in the South, Images of Life has a variety of themes, creating a rich repository of material. These advantages will be a springboard for Images of life to improve its quality, convey the humane message in a simpler and more intimate way.


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