Japanese food exports

by P.V31 August 2016 Last updated at 11:38 AM

VTV.vn - Japanese cuisine has become familiar to many people in Vietnam, with typical dishes such as Sushi, Sashimi, Udon noodles or Ramen increasing in popularity.

There has been an increase in the number of Japanese firms exporting foods and beverages to Vietnam. The Japan External Trade Organisation organised a conference for Vietnamese and Japanese food and beverage companies on 30th August.

Koyamaen is a Japanese company based in Hyogo, Japan. The company mainly provides tea products made from legumes. The company have invested since 2015 in Vietnam.

""Each time when I visit Vietnam, I recognised the on-going development of the country. Because there has been an upward trend in Japanese food consumption in Vietnam, we expect to bring more healthy foods to Vietnamese consumers", said Nobuhiro Koyama - Director of Koyamaen Company, Japan.

There were 30 Japanese companies from 19 localities in Japan participating in the conference. These companies have brought their products to the meeting.

"Vietnam ranks among the largest consumers in the world for instant noodle consumption. I expect that we’ll have a bright future for our ramen products when investing in Vietnam", said Takashi Igarashi - Director of Igarashi Seimen Company, Japan.

"In the coming time, we'll continue to organise meetings like this to connect Vietnamese and Japanese companies. We’re able to  provide information about procedures and regulations for Japanese companies investing in Vietnam", said Tomofumi Abe - Representative of Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO).

Although the meeting was organised in limited time, there have been positive results to create effective co-operation between over 70 Vietnamese businesses and Japanese companies.

"I've partnered with at least two Japanese companies operating in clams and oysters and beef", said Nguyen Huy Duong - Director of Sushibar Gia Nhat Linh Co., Ltd.

"After speaking with some businesses, we've planned appointments in order to have more opportunities for negotiations related to jelly and rice oil products", said Do Viet Hung - Director of Minh Duong Service and Food Processing Company.

According to Japan External Trade Organisation, in terms of exports turnover, Vietnam ranked 7th among Japan's food and beverage export markets. The number of Japanese restaurants has increasingly grown in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, underlining Vietnam’s popularity among Japanese food companies.

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