Happy and Healthy Summer program is back on VTV7

by Hồng Quân24 June 2019 Last updated at 11:00 AM

VTV.vn - Happy and Healthy Summer is a program of VTV7 which is broadcast every summer under the theme "Safe swimming and child drowning prevention".

In the first broadcast season in 2018, Happy and Healthy Summer provides the children with swimming knowledge and skills and children drowning prevention techniques, as well as presents the excellent examples in child drowning prevention across Vietnam.

Within 5 minutes, the program is a guide to educating children about safe swimming and drowning prevention skills so that they could have a happy, healthy and safe summer.

The 2018 edition of the program was shot throughout many places in Vietnam such as Hue, Ben Tre, Nha Trang, among others, and gave the children the knowledge and skills to prevent drowning accidents, including: how to recognize water risks, self-rescue swimming, how to handle when they themselves or someone else drown or first aid measures to drowning people.

Happy and Healthy Summer of 2019 edition will be broadcast at 8:30 on Saturdays and Sundays every week. The same knowledge, skills of safe swimming and drowning prevention in last year program will be taught to the kids in a whole new way: Extremely vibrant and refreshing underwater games in the summer!

In each broadcast, the kids will be familiarized with safe swimming tools and skills from expat coach Gary Seghers. He is an expert in the "Safe Swimming" program of Hue Help organization, who has a national certificate of Swimming Rescue and Teaching program and who is also a member of the Association of Swimming Pools and Underwater Equipment.

The hosts of the program are two cute captains: Anh Quan and Linh Bool – the familiar faces to the kids in VTV7 programs such as Super-Mental Calculation and Magical World of Bool Bool.

Happy and Healthy Summer 2019 promises to be immensely interesting for young people to play, practice and to have a Safe - Fun – Healthy Summer.

The first episode of Happy and Healthy Summer 2019 will be broadcast at 8:30 on Sunday, June 23.


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