Hanoi paintings exhibition on Vietnam heritage day

by P.V26 November 2016 Last updated at 16:27 PM

VTV.vn - "Hanoi" is the name of a new exhibit that opened on Thursday night in Hanoi.

Viewers were presented with many different perspectives of the city. This is because there is a foreign artist who joined the exhibit, the Greek Ambassador to Vietnam. The exhibit is one of the events celebrating the 11th Vietnam Heritage Day on November 23rd.

Hanoi in Winter, Riverside Street, Street Memories, Sunny Alley and the Crape-myrtle by Thien Quang Lake. These are just five of the 34 paintings by 17 artists who have lived in and loved the city of Hanoi.

“To celebrate the 11th year of Vietnam Heritage Day, the G39 artist group held this exhibit to honor Hanoi's beauty. I brought three works of mine, all called "Street Memories." I wanted to show my love for Hanoi and my childhood memories of the street corners where I used to live. Hanoi in the old days was so beautiful and peaceful, and everything was much slower. These works of mine are my memories”, said artist Tran Gia Tung.

With materials like silk, colored powder, oil, dó paper, lacquer and acrylic, artists portray their love for Hanoi with each stroke of their paintbrush.

“Art is one way to preserve heritage. Two of my paintings here, painted on dó paper, are a way of preserving heritage as well”, said artist Le Thiet Cuong.

Nikos D. Kanellos, Greek Ambassador to Vietnam, brought two of his works to the exhibit. His paintings are called Hanoi Street and Symphony of Colors. For him, Hanoi is a source of endless inspiration.

The exhibit will be open until December 5th, 2016 at the Ho Guom Cultural Center, at 2 Le Thai To street, Hoan Kiem District in Hanoi.

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