France, Vietnam bioengineer rice varieties

by VTV410 July 2016 Last updated at 09:16 AM

VTV.vn - A delegation of French scientists paid a visit to the International Joint Laboratory LMI RICE on Saturday during a 4 day working trip to Vietnam. Research cooperation was discussed, including improvements to rice varieties.

This is the Vietnamese-French International Joint Laboratory on Functional Genomics and Biotechnology and Associated Microorganisms. Scientists from both countries are trying to improve rice varieties that can survive drought, salt water intrusion, and other climate change effects. The research also aims to heighten rice productivity.

"In order to create drought resistant rice varieties, we need to strengthen the root. The resistant varieties can then be merged with highly productive ones to make the most effective rice seeds." - NGUYEN LE KHANH, Research Student, Agricultural Genetics Institute.

"Vietnam does not have enough resources to make a breakthrough in rice variety rennovation. The joint laboratory is then essential in basic research. We have recently analysed nearly 300 rice varieties in Vietnam and found good genes." - Prof. DO NANG VINH, Co-director, International Joint Laboratory LMI RICE, Agricultural Genetics Institute.

This Vietnamese-French institute was established in 2011 by Vietnam’s Agricultural Genetics Institute and France’s Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) and Agricultural Research for Development, or CIRAD.

Operating in Vietnam since the 1990s, IRD now has 17 research bodies cooperating with 8 universities and 30 institutes in Vietnam on various sectors such as science, economy, health, and environment.

"We have been operating in Vietnam for 20 years with 28 experts. Vietnam is currently our most important partner in Asia. Our cooperation with Vietnam is diversified and practical, including rice and coffee varieties, and environmental issues." - JEAN-MARC CHÂTAIGNER, Director General, Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD).

"Experts at the Agricultural Genetics Institute have shown us the impact of climate change on Vietnam’s agriculture. IRD and CIRAD hope to help Vietnam with training and scientific development to respond to climate change." - MICHEL EDDI, President, Managing Director, Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD).

The new rice gene is expected to be applied in Vietnam by 2019. Apart from rice, the International Joint Laboratory LMI RICE will further research on coffee varieties that adapt to the environment in Vietnam.


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