"For Vietnamese Stature" changes format: more vivid and more charming

by Hồng Quân31 December 2021 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - After 5 years since its first broadcast in September 2016, For Vietnamese stature will experience a "stir" that promises to bring a new attraction to the show.

The Vietnamese government has taken many decisions and projects aimed at improving the health of young children, such as decision 1660 on the "School Health Program for the period 2021-2025" or project 41 titled "Ensure adequate nutrition and increase the physical activity of children, pupils and students to improve their health in the period of 2018 - 2025". The program For Vietnamese Stature that was born in 2016 fulfills the same goal.

The content of the program revolves around the model of school meals for children with useful tips to improve fitness. During 5 years of broadcasting, the program has received special attention from parents. And after 5 years, with the aim of making the program more attractive, innovative, lively and closer to both children and parents, the makers of the program decided to change the format. And this change will officially begin in the first broadcast of For Vietnamese Stature on January 1, 2022.

For Vietnamese Stature in 2022 will continue to deal with a school meal model that ensures reasonable nutrition combined with increased physical activity for children, pupils and students, such as the "School Milk" program, which provides fresh milk and fresh milk products to students. For Vietnamese Stature in 2022 will also pay special attention to nutrition, school sports, research, capacity building, nutrition awareness, physical exercise, school health policy advocacy to ensure that children from all over Vietnam to have their health improved.

In the new format of For Vietnamese Stature, the program production team will focus more on providing educational methods to help children develop holistically by focusing on 3 main groups of topics: nutrition, physical condition, intellectual (IQ) - emotional (EQ). This will also be a place where children talk and consultants report. Everything, in the end, gears towards the bigger goal: based on the program, a manual on raising young children will be created.

With the above goals in mind, the 2022 format of For Vietnamese Stature promises to be attractive with the hosting of 3 presenters and each with a separate content, including a one specialized in nutrition, another in physical and the third in intellectual aspect. This change promises to help the program have a richer and more vivid presentation. In addition, in the form of reality TV show, For Vietnamese Stature is said to be more attractive to viewers than the previous format of the show. This is also the desire and goal of the producers when deciding to change the format of For Vietnamese Stature.

The first episode of For Vietnamese Stature in the new format will air at 20:05 tomorrow (January 1).


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