First Tea festival launched in Moc Chau

by VTV417 April 2016 Last updated at 13:51 PM -On the occasion of Hung King’s festival, aside from the Hung King Temple festival, the Tea festival in Mộc Châu Plateau, Sơn La province will be an ideal destination.

The festival takes place from April 16 to 17, giving participants a natural experience on an immense tea hill.

This is the first time the Tea festival has been held on Mộc Châu Plateau. The festival saw the participation of 7 local companies and cooperatives specialising in tea production and distribution. Many interesting activities, such as a tea leaf picking contest, a tea making competition, and sightseeing in the tea plantations have attracted many festival goers.

Tran Van Thanh, Organiser, Moc Chau’s Tea Festival said: Through the festival, we want to honour the tea makers in Moc Chau Plateau. In addition, we want to promote tea production and introduce them to domestic as well as international tourists.

Moc Chau is endowed with a cool climate and soil suitable for the growth of tea plants. The material area was formed in 1959. To date, it has more than 1,800 hectares and produces over 23,000 tons of tea leaves, becoming the main income for local people as well as ethnic groups here. Moc Chau tea products are exported to many international markets, such as Japan, Taiwan, and Pakistan. In recent years, the production of tea in Moc Chau has also helped to boost local tourism. 

The Tea festival is the pride of tea growers in Moc Chau Plateau. It is also an opportunity for local people to introduce and promote the tea products of Moc Chau Plateau; thereby attracting more and more investors as well as tourists to visit the land.


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