Exemplary blood donation organisers in 2020 honoured

by NDO29 December 2020 Last updated at 11:24 AM

At the awards ceremony. (Photo: daidoanket.vn)
At the awards ceremony. (Photo: daidoanket.vn)

VTV.vn - The National Institute of Haematology - Blood Transfusion (NIHBT) held a ceremony in Hanoi on December 29 to present the “Giot hong” (Red Drops) Awards and meet leaders and managers of the units that organised blood donation events in 2020.

The annual awards aimed to pay tribute to, recognise and honour collectives and individuals with significant contributions to the work of organising blood donation and developing and maintaining stable and safe blood donation sources.

This year’s awards were presented to 23 collectives and 11 individuals with exceptional achievements in organising blood donation events in the peak period of the COVID-19 pandemic ahead of and after the occasion of the 2020 Lunar New Year.

Throughout its 13 years, the awards have honoured a total of 120 collectives and 55 individuals accompanying blood donation campaigns.

Speaking at the ceremony, Director of the NIHBT Bach Quoc Khanh said that despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic in 2020, the NIHBT has coordinated with units to organise nearly 2,000 blood donation locations, receiving more than 325,000 blood units, of which 70% came from Hanoi and the remaining 30% from other cities and provinces.

From these sources, the institute has ensured the timely provision of over 600,000 units of blood and components for 177 hospitals in 28 northern cities and provinces, meeting 93% of hospitals’ treatment demands, he stated.

In 2021, the NIHBT targets to receive about 360,000 units of blood, Khanh said, asking leaders and managers to continue creating favourable conditions for blood donation work in a joint effort to care for the people’s health.

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