Efforts to preserve the authentic value of the Hue tune

by P.V30 September 2015 Last updated at 17:23 PM

VTV.vn - Combining literature and music, Ca Hue, or “the Hue tune,” is a genre of royal court music dating back to the Nguyen dynasty in the 17th century.

With the aim of preserving the authenticity of this genre, a group of local artists and vocalists have joined hands to stage Ca Hue performances in the auditorium.

In the last few years, Ca Hue has become a tourism product of Perfume River cruise tours. This has led to changes in the performances that do not retain the authenticity of the genre. After years of being concerned about the quality of Ca Hue, Vo Que, along with members of the Ca Hue Club decided to found the Ca Hue chamber music (group/ ensemble). These performances are part of an effort by the Ca Hue Club, founded 32 years ago, to preserve the authentic value of Ca Hue.

Besides performing basic tunes of the Ca Hue repertoire, both veteran and young artists have updated Ca Hue lyrics and performances in accordance with different music genres, such as Lý, Hò, and Trầu Văn / Trau and Van folk songs to help the ancient art form become even more popular. After a 2-year trial, the show has attracted a wide range of audiences.

Ca Hue combines two musical genres: scholarly music and folk music. It is performed with traditional Vietnamese musical instruments, such as the 16-string zither, two-string fiddle, moon-shaped lute, and wooden clappers.

Ca Hue is traditionally known as royal court music performed in the Hue royal palace. Nowadays, many Ca Hue lovers have made it available to a wide range of audiences, especially young people. Updated lyrics, performances, and content is one solution to preserving Ca Hue and increase its popularity.

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