Disabled access improved

by PV/VTV28 September 2016 Last updated at 09:59 AM

(Photo illustrated: nghilucsong.net)
(Photo illustrated: nghilucsong.net)

VTV.vn - People with disabilities have the right to access apartment buildings, administrative offices, hospitals, schools.

The designs of functional and accessible spaces for people with disabilities are the mandatory regulations issued by the Ministry of Construction. This regulation was supposed to be implemented for any construction projects built after 2014. How have these regulations actually been put into effect?

Tran Thi Mai Anh is a student newly-enrolled at  the University of Social Sciences and Humanities for two weeks. Every day she has to go to school on crutches and wheelchairs with the help of her friends. Cause of her physical disability, she has faced many difficulties going to school.

"I feel very difficult to go to school on crutches. The university only has private access for wheelchairs on the first and second floor. The ramp to the class is not designed for the wheelchairs; I need 2 or 3 friends to help bring the wheelchair to the class", Mai Anh said.

The University of Social Sciences and Humanities has a large number of students with disabilities. The school was renovated by building ramps for easy access for students to the auditorium. However, there are some limitations related to the height of ramp, no handrails, a slippery floor, and no entrance for wheelchair access to the cafeteria. Public buildings which do not meet disabled access standards will be rebuilt in accordance with the national technical standards for people with disabilities.

"All buildings which were constructed before 2013 will be renovated, providing better access for disabled peopleDuring 2016 -2020, there will be more renovated buildings providing better access for people with physical disabilities", Nguyen Van Qua - Deputy Head of Tay Ninh Department Of Labor Invalids & Social Affairs - said.

Efforts to renovate existing public buildings will help people with disabilities integrate into society by improving access to the services they are entitled to.


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