Children benefit through experiential learning

by Hien Anh29 March 2016 Last updated at 16:27 PM

VTV.vn - Experiential learning is an effective method to teach life skills to children, and is commonly seen in many educationally-advanced countries such as the US, Australia or Singapore.

As for Vietnam, this method is also gaining more attention as the benefits it can bring to children, especially those in urban areas becomes obvious.

This is a lesson from an experiential learning programme for children aged 8 to 12, where they can experience first-hand how to be a craftsperson.  The kids are learning how to make cinnamon-scented sand stuffed mice. But what makes this session special is the fact that their instructor has a hearing impairment.

"She’s so enthusiastic! So even though she can’t hear us, she’s still able to teach us what she knows about handicrafts." - Participant.

"After this one-day experience, I also feel like I’m learning a lot from them. The kids are all smart and adorable! I love them!" - PHUNG LINH CHI, Staff, Kym Viet JS.

Prior to the handicraft lesson, the children had already been warmed up by learning some simple sign language, learning to lip read and playing some games of empathy. Encouraging interaction between the children and people with disabilities is also an important part of the programme.

"The programme today aims to provide the children an opportunity to play and learn, so they’d understand more about other different communities than their own. Then, they’ll develop empathy and a new outlook on life, and of course, new skills." - CHE PHONG LAN, Organiser, Co-founder of KHAC.

The next lesson requires the children to not only convince customers to buy their wares, but they are also not allowed to sell for less than the price posted by the organisers. That calls for a certain set of skills, such as communication, presentation, persuasion, and a good understanding of the products – the things they have at hand.

These skills, along with the ability to empathise with other communities to create better connections are prerequisite in this era of integration. Therefore, experiential learning activities like this are gaining a lot of attention from families and social organisations. This summer, it is estimated that thousands of experiential learning activities for children aged 6 to 14 will take place in Hanoi.


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