Asparagus by customer demand

by P.V17 February 2017 Last updated at 18:25 PM - Farmers are cultivating asparagus in Ninh Thuan Province through planting on a coastal sandy area that was almost abandoned.

This has helped maintain livelihoods and provided stable incomes for local people. Ninh Thuan's authorities have chosen drought-adapted plants and crops which along with being a technical solution, provides a much in-demand product for consumers.

After a year of planting, asparagus can be harvested. And in a year, in addition to 3 months of nurturing, during the remaining 9 months, the farmers can harvest asparagus daily.

“We can harvest from 8-10 kg/ per day/1 acre. The average price is 3.50 USD per kg, so every 10 kgs so we can earn about 35 USD per day. In this sandy land, nothing brings more profit than asparagus”, said Hung Ky, Director of Tuan Tu Cooperative for General Services in Ninh Thuan province.

Asparagus was planted in Ninh Thuan 7 years ago. An Hai Commune in Ninh Phuoc District has grown 5 hectares of asparagus. The first 20 families to plant asparagus now see the value.

“No pesticide or plant food is needed, we just grow it using manure, it is valuable, tasty and easy to grow”, said Tu Thi Ty, an asparagus grower in An Hai Commune in Ninh Phuoc District, Ninh Thuan province.

Consumers chose asparagus since this product is not only nutritious, but also considered a safe food. Therefore, the top requirement for asparagus growers is to comply with safe cultivation. Local farmers are producing a crop that is in big demand and capable of being easily grown in these harsh local conditions.

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