ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network promotes regional integration

by VTV405 March 2016 Last updated at 08:00 AM

VTV.vn - The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, in co-operation with the ASEAN Secretariat launched the establishment of the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network in 2014.

Vietnam served as Chair during the first term. The network has actively support Vietnamese women entrepreneurs in developing their businesses in the context of greater international integration. The ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Forum held on Friday in Hanoi was one of the network’s annual activities.

Creating a favourable ecosystem for women entrepreneur for the development of ASEAN economic community was the centrepiece of 2016 ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Forum. The event saw the participation of 350 domestic and international delegates. Speaking at the event, Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan stressed that woman entrepreneurs were a pioneering force in the economic development of many countries.

Nguyen Thi Doan, Vice President of Vietnam said: This year’s theme is consistent with the conditions and objective of promoting the development of women-owned businesses through strengthening the role of women in business activities and connecting businesses regionally and globally. I believe that the forum will be an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences and learn from each other in order to promote greater business and trade between ASEAN and its partners.

Besides sessions relating to measures to enhance the role of women entrepreneurs in ASEAN, the forum also held activities such as an exhibition that featured products from the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network member countries.

Khin Thet Maw, Myanmar Entrepreneur said: We brought our businesses’ products to the forum, including souvenirs, jewellery and Myanmar traditional dress. They are made by Myanmar women, and are intended to introduce ourselves to the Vietnam and ASEAN women entrepreneur network. We look forward to developing links and co-operating with other women entrepreneurs in the region.

The ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network is a network of women-owned businesses in the region. The Vietnamese initiative is intended to develop links between the ASEAN women’s committee and ASEAN’s women's federation as part of efforts to address poverty.

"During my term, I’ve contributed to building ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network in ASEAN and globally. Many organisations internationally know about us, for example World Bank." said Nguyen Thi Tueyt Minh, Chairperson, ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network (2014-2016).

According to the General Statistics Office, 42% of businesses start-ups in Vietnam are established by women. Although the ratio is almost the same, confidence, innovation, the orientation of businesses towards international markets are lower among female entrepreneurs. Therefore, the birth of ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network will help facilitate the development of business in Vietnam and ASEAN women entrepreneurs, bolstering their role in the development of the ASEAN Economic Community.

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