Vietnamese scientists face difficulties finding market

by VTV404 March 2016 Last updated at 16:00 PM - According to the National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies, about 157 million USD of the state budget is spent on scientific research each year.

However, only 10% of research results are applied by businesses. The following report gives the reasons for this issue.

This is an X-ray fluorescence analyzer, the result of a government-funded research project worth more than 31,000 USD. This device is highly accurate and costs only half the price of an imported one. However, there have still been no orders for the device since it was launched 5 years ago.

"Enterprises are still doubtful about the quality of this device because they need time to test it. However, enterprises where we’ve tested the device already have similar machines, while those without one have a limited budget." - Le Quang Huy, Researcher, Institute of Materials Science

Meanwhile, Lê Quang Huấn at the Institute of Biotechnology is now facing difficulties funding clinial experiments for his detector of antibiotics in milk, and a medicine to treat drug addiction. The medicine will be put into use in 3 years if things go smoothly, while the antibiotics detector still waits for investors.

"Researchers in this institute are facing the same situation as mine. Products introduced 3 or 4 years haven’t yet been applied." - Assoc. Prof. Le Quang Huan, Researcher, Institute of Biotechnology.

One reason for the delay in applying new research results in Vietnam is the preference for imported products.

"Vietnamese businesses are realizing that they cannot keep using foreign technology to compete with foreign companies. They must have their own. Only when Vietnamese businesses are interested in Vietnamese technology will science develop." - Assoc. Prof. Chu Hoang Ha, Director, Institute of Biotechnology.

Circular 27 on new ways of funding scientific research, which took effect on Feb 15th, is seen as a solution to the current situation because it encourages scientists to be more bold and take ownership of their research.


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