Another record holder emerges at To Olympus Mount 2021

by Hồng Quân01 December 2020 Last updated at 07:00 AM

VTV.vn - Winning the absolute score in the Acceleration round, Nguyen Son Tung (Yen Vien High School, Hanoi) has placed his name on the list of record holders of the To Olympus Mount competition.

The second week race of the third month of the first quarter continued to bring many surprises and attractions to the competition of 4 Mount Olympus climbers: Lam Huy Vu (Ly Tu Trong High School, Nam Dinh), Nguyen Son Tung (Yen Vien High School, Hanoi), Nguyen Gia Linh (Hung Vuong High School, Binh Duong) and Nguyen Manh Quynh (Van Tuong High School, Quang Ngai).

All 4 contestants were formidable opponents when from the Warm-up round, they achieved quite high scores. Temporarily led by Huy Vu with 90 points and Gia Linh with a score of 90, followed by Manh Quynh with 80 points and Son Tung 70.

Although winning a lower score, but when stepping into the Overcoming Obstacle round, Son Tung suddenly rose to the top position as the fastest keyword decoder. At the end of the contest Son Tung led the climbing team with 150 points, followed by Gia Linh 100 points, Huy Vu 90 points and Manh Quynh 80 points.

In the Acceleration round, Son Tung continued to show the breakthrough when he answered accurately and quickly all 4 questions. With 160 points, Son Tung officially put his name on the list of record holders of To Olympus Mount contest. This is also the score that previous contestant Tran Duc Trung (Kim Son A High School, Ninh Binh) has achieved.

Certainly, after qualifying to the month contest, Son Tung decided to choose for himself a safety question package of 3 questions with 10 points each. Son Tung's final score was 310 points, becoming the owner of the Laurel Wreath of the second week race of the third month of To Olympus Mount 2021 competition.

Huy Vu, Gia Linh and Manh Quynh showed determination when choosing questions with high scores in the finishing contest. In the end, Huy Vu won 210 points, Manh Quynh 170 points and Huy Vu 155 points.

Olympia 2021 is broadcast at 13:10 every Sunday on VTV3. Please stay tuned!


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