Comprehensive renovation of trade unions’ activities

by NDO30 November 2020 Last updated at 18:44 PM

VTV.vn - Vietnam Trade Union movement is now moving toward strong, comprehensive and synchronous innovation.

This is not only in respect of the organisation’s own needs but also the aspirations of trade union members and labourers.

It can be seen that trade union activities are becoming more practical, focusing on the core task of representing, caring and protecting the legal and legitimate rights and interests of workers while proactively participating in the building of harmonious, stable and progressive labour relations, contributing to the country’s socio-economic development.

However, Vietnamese trade unions have not kept up with development requirements in the country and revealed many limitations. The rapid development of industrial revolution 4.0 has had profound effects on the life, production, works and methods of recruiting employees; meanwhile, the labour market and its internal relations will witness many new problems and complications. The country’s international economic integration has developed deeply on many levels and more diverse in its formation, gradually adapting to the principles and standards of the global market. The implementation of new-generation free trade agreements and international labour conventions has also posed many challenges for Vietnam’s Trade Unions.

Once Vietnam joined new-generation free trade agreements, one of the biggest challenges for the trade unions was the legal permission for the establishment of employees’ organisations in the enterprises in addition to the trade unions. This was a very new and unprecedented problem. The appearance of employee's organisations in addition to trade unions in businesses threatens to slowly increase or even decrease the number of trade union members as well as grassroots trade unions. The development of trade union members and grassroots trade unions will compete with other employee representative organisations. The resources for the operation of Vietnam’s Trade Unions are facing the risk of diminishing and the financial resources of trade unions at all levels could decrease sharply. The lack of enough resources to create different and greater interests among trade union members and employees who are not trade union members will create disadvantages in terms of competition and betweenemployees and newly-established employees’ organisations. The above situation is expected to have a profound impact on the organisation and operation of trade unions, requiring them to innovate comprehensively.

The innovation goal that Vietnam Trade Unions should apply is the promotion of its role, the consolidation of their position and performance of their functions in the new context. It is crucial to develop strong trade unions that are capable of adapting to the new context while performing well their role as a socio-economic organisation under the Party’s leadership and the largest representative organisation of employees. The innovation of the organisation and operation of trade unions should be implemented using an appropriate roadmap, with reference to the experiences of trade unions around the world. It is essential to further enhance relations between the trade unions, State and political organsiations in order to promote synergy.

To achieve the above goal, Vietnam Trade Unions should focus on renovating the methods of gathering and mobilising members. This is a vital task. In addition to increasing the number of trade union members, the trade unions should uphold their responsibility of gathering and communicating with labourers. The communication and promotion of Vietnam Trade Unions’ position and prestige should be diversified. The unions need to innovate their launching and implementation of patriotic emulation movements while promoting the role of their members and employees, significantly contributing to national construction, development and defence. Vietnam Trade Unionsneed to focus on creating a fundamental change in performing their mission of representing, caring for and protecting the legitimate and legal rights and interests of its members and employees. The Unions should also pay great attention to developing policies and laws as well as building harmonious, stable and progressive labour relations.

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